Don’t Change On Me

Jimmy Holiday & Eddie Reeves

Girl you’re my sunshine

You take away the raindrops

Make it all worthwhile

Make all the pain stop

Just like a river

Keep love flowin’

Don’t let our world stop

Keep it going

I like you just the way you are

Honey don’t change on me

Girl don’t you change on me

I say don’t change on me

Girl you’re my lucky star

Honey don’t change on me

Oh please don’t change on me

I keep sayin’ don’t change on me

I used to wonder

Where would I find

Some kind of happiness

And peace of mind

I was livin’ in darkness

But then you came

Bringin’ in the sunlight

Easin’ my pain

Repeat chorus

If there’s a heaven

Then this is my prayer

I wanna know you

If we should meet there

And then forever

We’ll walk together

Nothin’ but sunshine

No more stormy weather

Repeat chorus

Copyright: 1970 United Artists Music Co., Inc. & Racer Music, Inc. – ASCAP   

                         (EMI Music Publishing)