Alex Harvey & Eddie Reeves

Ring, ring, telephone ring
Somebody says, "Baby whatcha doin’?"
I been wonderin’ where you been
Now and then, I think about you and me

No use fightin’ ‘bout things we can't recall
It don't matter now at all
Just come on home, baby we'll laugh and sing
We'll make love and let the telephone ring

Ring, ring, doorbell ring
Baby come on in, got James Taylor on the stereo
I'm glad you come around, I've been feelin' down
Just talkin' to Tony and Mario

You know they make good conversation
Still it ain't no consolation
’Cause I got love, baby I'll give you some
If somebody comes, we'll let the doorbell ring

Ring, ring, golden ring
Around the sun, around your pretty finger
Ring, ring, voices ring
With a happy tune, anybody can be a singer

The sun comes up across the city
I swear you never looked so doggone pretty
Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand
With the preacher man, let the wedding bells ring

Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand
With the preacher man, let the wedding bells ring

Copyright: 1971 Unart Music Corp. – BMI

                          (EMI Music Publishing)

Alex & Eddie version (original demo)

Steel guitar-Al Perkins

Drums-Dennis St. John

Other musicians-unknown

Cymarron version - Entrance (CBS distribution) - 1971

Cymarron (all vocals): Rick Yancey, Sherrill Parks, and Richard Mainegra  Guitar-Reggie Young; Rhythm guitar-Johnny Christopher; Bass-Mike Leech; Drums-Gene Chrisman; Organ-Bobby Emmons; Piano-Bobby Wood; Producer-Chips Moman

Eddie Reeves version (ABC Dunhill Records - unreleased) - 1973

Piano-Larry Knechtel; Bass-Lee Sklar; Drums-Russ Kunkel; Acoustic guitar-Dean Parks; Pedal steel-"Sneaky Pete" Kleinow; All vocals-Eddie

Reuben Howell version - Motown Records - 1974

Keyboards-Terry Woodford; Guitar-Pete Carr & Terry Woodford;

Bass-Lenny LeBlanc; Drums-Roger Clark; Producers & Backing vocals-Terry Woodford & Clayton Ivy