Your Kinda Guy (My Kinda Guy)

Robert Selig & Eddie Reeves

I (You) don’t have too much to say

So I’m (you’re) a shy kinda guy

Yeah, but I’m your (you’re my) kinda guy

And I know that

Someday I will find a way

To make you love me

‘Cause you were meant for

My arms to hold you close to me

My lips to kiss you tenderly

My heart to make you part of me

I’m your (You’re my) kinda guy

I’m your (You’re my) kinda guy

Oh baby, oh baby

I (You) don’t have to be a king

Just to be your (my) kinda guy

All I (you) gotta do is try

Just a little

Then you’ll see what love can bring

From (To) someone’s who’s shy

‘Cause you were meant for

Repeat chorus

Copyright: 1965 Unart Music Corp. – BMI

                          (EMI Music Publishing)