Sweet Cheyenne

Joe Henry & Eddie Reeves

City streets just not the place

For cowboy boots and a wind-burned face

A lady’s bed in a fancy room

Is a long old way from that sweet Cheyenne moon

Silken sheets will never stand

Rusty spurs and calloused hands

Hear the lady moan & sigh

It’s a long old way to that sweet Cheyenne sky


Sweet Cheyenne maybe

A tumbleweed will roll me home

Sweet Cheyenne save me

You’re the only piece of heaven that I ever have known

Rodeo in a traffic jam

Machines don’t give a damn

City lady you’ll never know

It’s a long old way to my sweet Cheyenne rose

A beat-up hat won’t block the sun

Buildings got the job all done

Concrete lady with a barbed-wire soul

I’m a long long way from my sweet Cheyenne home.  

Repeat chorus

Copyright 1973:  American Broadcasting Music, Inc. / Cool Hand Music

        MCA Music Publishing catalogue – ASCAP

Vocals & keyboard-Eddie