Tear Down the Wall

Alex Harvey & Eddie Reeves

Come on out, tear the wall down that surrounds you

Come on out, let me be a friend to you

Just believe in simple love and understanding

Give your heart without demanding

And it will all come home to you

Tear down the wall that comes between us

You only built it in your mind

Tear down the wall that comes between us

Leave your hang ups far behind

Tear down the wall before you fall beneath it all

Tear down the wall, tear down the wall

Come on out, let us laugh and cry together

Come on out, you can make it if you try

Just believe there is someone here to care now

We have something we can share now

You can be a friend of mine

Repeat chorus

Copyright: 1970 Unart Music Corp. – BMI

                          (EMI Music Publishing)

Piano - Eddie