Something To Believe In

Eddie Reeves

Ain’t no road too long to follow

Ain’t no mountain too high to climb

If I find out where I’m going

I’ll never know the reason why

All I know is, I’ve got to try

Give me something to believe in

My mind is breakin’

Give me something to believe in

Worth the takin’

Something to believe in

Something to believe in

When I’m feeling down like I feel today

Hello world, hello tomorrow

Help me to say goodbye to sorrow

Now I don’t know just what I’m after

I just search from day to day

For a helping hand to lead the way

Repeat chorus

I keep going on

The best I can

The only thing I want to be

Is a happy man

Repeat chorus

Copyright: 1970 United Artists Music Co., Inc. – ASCAP

                          (EMI Music Publishing)

Guitar-Larry Carlton; Vibraphone-Larry Knechtel; Bass-Lee Sklar; Drums-Jim Keltner