Mystic Magic Movements

Johnny Esposito & Eddie Reeves

I’ve got a funny feelin’

That I’m not here alone

I’ve got a funny feelin’

Inside my bones

I feel my heart is pounding

Inside my head it’s sounding

I’ve got a funny feeling

I’ve never known

Those mystic magic movements

That she gave to me

Mystic magic movements

She put her spell on me

When she drove me out of my head

It gave me somethin’ I never had

Those mystic magic movements got me bad

Oh they got me bad y’all

Something inside is aching

With every breath I’m taking

I know I’ll never be

The same man anymore

I’ll never stop to wonder

What kind of spell I’m under

I know I’ve never been

This high on love before

Repeat chorus

Copyright:  1967 Unart Music Corp. – BMI

                           (EMI Music Publishing)

Piano-Frank Owens; Guitar-Hugh McCracken; Drums-Bobby Gregg; Bass-Joe Macho