If All This

Lena Shammas Reeves & Eddie Reeves

Started with a simple “Thanks a lot”

‘Causin’ my helpless heart to stop

I knew right then nothin’ ever would be the same

Funny how an empty coffee cup

Beggin’ sweet me to fill it up

Lit the fire burning through my veins

If all this, happened in a different way

And the first kiss never ever found its way

Somewhere, someday, somehow we knew

Love would find us beyond the blue

If all this, happened in a different way

Rain comin’ down, I was running late

One wrong turn and a twist of fate

Washin’ away my darkest fears and doubts

Love’s got a way of turnin’ things upside down

Wanna call mama and tell her ‘bout what I found

That’s turning the dreams I’m dreamin’ all inside out  

Repeat chorus  

Had to be, meant to be

I believe—in destiny

Me and you, you and me

Repeat chorus

Copyright: 2010 LenaTunes – BMI & Word Wrestler – BMI

Acoustic guitar-Kevin Lawson