Inside Out

Eddie Reeves

Funny how things turn inside out

When you least expect ‘em to

Funny but it always happens just about

When you think you’ve finally made it through

All the blues and grays

That clouded up your days

Now ain’t that the way life goes?  

Time to go back home and write a song

About the life that happened to me

Sing about the people I have known

And all the feelings runnin’ through me

I know I’m gonna miss your sunny smile

And all the good times that you gave me

But I’ve got to walk a country mile

It’s the one thing that can save me

Repeat chorus

Maybe in some other place and time

There’ll be some way to see more clearly

Then I’ll look into your eyes that shine

And once again I’ll hold you near me

Repeat chorus

Copyright: 1972 Wingate Music Corp – ASCAP

                          (Universal Music Publishing Group)

Piano-Larry Knechtel; Acoustic guitar-Dean Parks; Bass-Lee Sklar; Drums & Tumba-Russ Kunkel; String arrangement-Dick Halligan