Everybody Tells Me

Eddie Reeves

She was born in the wintertime

It was very cold then

And the wind would blow

Yes her mama knows.  

Through the cold Seattle night

Snow would fall in an endless sight

All the seeds were sown

Coldest woman I’ve ever known.

Everybody tells me

She don’t give a damn

She don’t even care who or what I am

Everybody tells me.  

See the lady stand by me

See her smile so heavenly

Look deep in her eyes

See the cloudy skies.

Safely wrapped up in herself

Leaving room for nothin’ else

But for right or wrong

I keep hangin’ on.

Repeat Chorus

Like a song that’s turnin’ in my mind

When music fits but words don’t rhyme

I just can’t quit I’ve got to find a way

To make her mine.

Repeat Chorus

Copyright: 1973 American Broadcasting Music, Inc. – ASCAP

                          (Universal Music Publishing Group)

Guitar-Larry Carlton; Electric piano-Larry Knechtel; Bass-Lee Sklar; Drums-Russ Kunkel