Another Rainy Day

Robert Selig & Eddie Reeves

Dark clouds floatin’ by

My windowpane

That same old feelin’

Is comin’ ‘round again

Another rainy day

Since you’ve been away

Kickin’ off my shoes

Got nothin’ to lose

Sounds like the wind feels

Just the way I do

Another rainy day

Since you’ve been away

You know a rainy day

Brings back to my mind

The time we spent together

Oh that sunny weather

And unforgettable pleasure

Rain, rain go away

Let this be the last,

The last time I think of those

Memories from the past

Another rainy day

I hope is miles away

Let this be my last

Let this be may last

Rainy day

Copyright: 1965 Unart Music Corp. – BMI

                          (EMI Music Publishing)

Piano-Frank Owens