Sing Oh! Susanna

Writer: Eddie Reeves

She was a giver and she gave love to me

I was a taker I would take it and leave

And as a foolish boy I was too blind to see

Just how good the good was she was givin’ to me

She gave me everything I wanted and more

But all I gave her was a knock on the door

Only thing she ever asked me was, “Please,

Sing me Oh! Susanna won’t you sing it for me?”  


Sing Oh! Susanna for me  

Sing it sweet and gentle and I’ll sing harmony

Sing Oh! Susanna for me

Take me back to Texas and those cottonwood trees.

The night is the darkest when it’s just before dawn

And when I woke up I knew something was wrong

Looked all around me but that woman was gone

Now the only time I’m happy is when I’m singing her song.

Repeat chorus

The night is the coldest when you sleep all alone

My body’s aching this old bed feels like stone

Wish I could hold her close and hear her say, “Please,

Honey sing Susanna won’t you sing it for me?”  

Repeat chorus

Copyright 1973:  American Broadcasting Music, Inc. (MCA Music) / ASCAP

All vocals & instruments-Eddie